The Mothership Connection is landing THIS SATURDAY!!!!

Once again The Mothership Connection lands in North East Washington DC: This Saturday March 2nd, Chocolate City Beer will re-release our 9% Weizenbock, The Mothership Connection, during Growler Hours- 1230pm-430pm. This beer is as funky as its name sake with a melange of flavors ranging from Dark Caramel, Toffee and Burnt Sugar to Plum, Prunes and Raisin, leaving you with a lingering Spicy finish- all the while wafting up aromas of Clove, Vanilla and Banana.
The Mothership Connection is a once per year event and only 8 Barrels brewed at that. So please find your way to 2801 8th Street NE, Washington DC 20017 this Saturday. Leave your Platform Shoes at home, we'll be offering out free tastings.